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That's the consensus of Collier County government leaders and the DAD Development Corp. when it comes to mulberry bags a disputed planned unit development within the Pebblebrooke Shopping Center at the intersection of Immokalee Road and Collier Boulevard.
Mistakes that were made when the PUD was amended have isabel marant dicker put the county and the landowner on the brink of a battle that could lead to the demolition of a two-story building on the site. But both sides now express hope that an agreement can be worked out that would avoid a confrontation.
In 2002, the Collier County Planning Commission recommended that the Collier County Commission prohibit two-story buildings and establishments that serve alcohol from coming into the Pebblebrooke shopping center. A 35-foot buffer also was supposed to be provided.
These recommendations were made before the Pebblebrooke Shopping Center was built.
County commissioners voted to follow the recommendations in amending the zoning designation, called a planned unit development, for the shopping center.
But even though the commissioners followed planning commission recommendations in 2002, the language prohibiting alcohol and two-story buildings never made it into the written PUD document.
The owner of the property when commissioners imposed restrictions on the property was Kenco Development Corp. It was later sold to DAD Development Corp.
Commissioners have threatened to celine luggage vote to make a clerical correction to the records, a move that could, in theory, force DAD Development to tear down the two-story building.
But commissioners are holding off on doing that until mulberry outlet county leaders, DAD Development and residents of nearby Pebblebrooke meet to discuss the issue.
Assistant County Attorney Jeff Klatzkow said a meeting probably will be scheduled in January.
"I'm hopeful that something can be worked out when all the sides get together," Klatzkow said.
Officials with DAD recently said they don't want to argue over the past. They want to meet with county officials and Pebblebrooke Lakes residents and work out celine online a solution.
"We look forward to meeting with the public residents," said attorney James Morey, who represents the DAD Development Corp. "We're very amenable to talking and finding a way to work this out,"
While it's hard to imagine the county administration actually forcing the tearing down of a two-story building, Klatzkow said it has been done at least once before in Florida.
"There was one instance where the court ordered a building demolished after it had been built," Klatzkow said, citing a case in Putnam County.
But county leaders are trying to find a solution to this issue that makes all the parties happy, and would prefer not to take the issue to court, Klatzkow said.
Morey declined to discuss the PUD amendment, and whether the county had a right to order the building torn down.
The issue came to light earlier this year when residents of Pebblebrooke Lakes complained about Stevie Tomato's, a sports bar located within the shopping plaza less than 30 yards from some homes.
This isn't the first time that a developer has violated PUD limits and after having been caught having gone back to the "friendly" "pro-developer" Commissioners to let him reap the financial rewards of his mulberry uk wrong-doing.
This time, hower, it should be different and the BCC should play hardball and make the developer comply, even if if means having him tear off a story of a structure or enclose a bar that should have been enclosed in the first 93922232 nike air max 1 place.
Show that you have ethics and aren't quislings.
Has anyone considered that this building is only 29 feet tall and in Collier County the approved height for a single story commercial building is 35 feet? If you have them tear it down, they could build it six feet taller! By the way, this article is wrong on several points. The PUD requires a 30 foot buffer strip which was provided, and it specifically states that they can have restaurants that serve alchohol. Of course the PUD also allows 2 story buidlings. You really should read the PUD as I have to fully educate yourselves. The approach they are now taking is the correct one. They would have a very difficult time convincing a court that this building is not in compliance with every code, ordinance and PUD amendment.
As a former Pebblebrooke resident, here's the way I remember it: In 2002 the Beazer sales rep said the area, "except for a narrow strip near 951, was part of the preserve." By 2003, we heard the developer was going to build homes there, a Phase 3 of Pebblebrooke. Later that year we were told that the tract was, and always had been, zoned commercial. When residents complained, the developer supposedly made his low income housing threat. That spooked the complaining residents who relented when told that the buy isabel marant online commercial area 85569530 hello kitty nike shoes would be one story "medical arts" buildings.
We frequently went to Stevie's for a pizza and a cold one. In my opinion, the majority of Pebblebrooke homes are not inconvienced isabel marant shoes at all by the bar. However, the dozen or so closest homes do lose quality of living, what with the noise and all.
Earlier, wordofmouth said the two-story building was no big deal. He is deluded. If you stand at the North end of Sweet Bay Lane in Pebblebrooke and look up, it's like being in Fenway Park, except it's the Brown Monster. The back of the building is not attractive and it dwarfs the neighboring homes.
My solution: take off the second story - and put up the sound barrier for the dozen homes that are afflicted by Stevie's noise.
RicoBrogna, thanks for your entry. Beazer Homes pulled out of the third phase due to lack of sales. Kenco, the developer had the option of both residential/commercial descetion on the property in 2002. A offer from DeAngelou/Diamond under the created entity, D Development that if all 52184287 nike leather shoes the stipulations were in line the deal would close, PMS, Inc. is hired, aka Karen Bishop to "walk" the process thru the planning/commissioners review with a nice reward at the end of the rainbow. Result: two story bldg built less than 50 feet from residence, open ended "bar" and missing wording to the PUD. You are correct that this mess inpacts a small group of direct residences directly, but why does the commercial area trump the residences that were in place before the lies and underhanded efforts materialized to benefit the developer/builders??????? Wrong is Wrong. Enjoy your pizza/brew but please isabel marant sneakers online leave when you realize you are infringing into the residences quality of life. I wish all 20364066 nike air max trainer one you who think this is fun, try living with this each and every day/night and see how long you last! Until you walk in someone elses shoes be careful what you believe the truth.
Scrapinby, you are wrong on several counts. DAD Dev. didn't hire Karen Bishop, she worked for Kenco who was the original developer. DAD didn't own the property during the rezone process. They closed after the rezone was approved by the BCC. In Collier County a one story building can be 6 feet taller than the existing 2 story building that is currently there. If you do your homework you will discover that every rule was followed by the current developer. By the way, no one would even know that there was a discrepency about the 2 story building being approved by the BCC if Karen Bishop hadn't have brought it isabel marant shop online up. She is not the enemy. If you want to blame someone, blame the county and the commissioners, especially Henning who is now fighting for his political life and trying to create a diversion from the fact that he is the one who stated that he watched the Planning Commission meeting, never brought up any questions regarding 1 story/2 story and made the motion to approve this rezone originally. You should read the minutes to the BCC meeting.